Your keys. Your DigiByte. Your own DigiBank.

DigiNode Tools makes it easy to set up, monitor and manage your own DigiByte full node and DigiAssets node.
Welcome to DigiNode Setup

Why use DigNode Tools?

Effortless menu-driven setup with set-it-and-forget-it simplicity.

No display, keyboard or mouse required - everything is managed remotely via the terminal.

Works everywhere - Install it on a device on your home network (e.g. Raspberry Pi) or in the cloud (e.g. VPS / VM / dedicated server).

Easy to use for less-technical users. Highly customizable for power users.

DigiNode Tools are open source - review the code on Github here.

DigiNode Tools are donationware. Please donate to support development: dgb1qv8psxjeqkau5s35qwh75zy6kp95yhxxw0d3kup

Intuitively helps you set up up a DigiByte Node with a DigiAsset Node

Almost no Linux command line experience required - the menu-driven setup is quick and easy.

DigiNode Install Menu

Easy and Fast Menu-driven Setup

  • Designed with less-technical users in mind - almost no linux command line experience required. Setup is entirely menu-driven.
  • Choose to setup a Full DigiNode (DigiByte Node with DigiAsset Node) or a DigiByte Node ONLY.
  • For Power Users, use launch flags to further customise your DigiNode setup (See Advanced Features).
DigiNode Hardware & OS Checks

Checks Hardware & OS Compatibility

  • Automatically checks your system hardware and OS are compatible, and that there is sufficient disk space and memory.
  • Checks for swap file, and helps create one on low memory devices.
  • Optionally helps you create a 'digibyte' user account.
digiByte Chain Selection

Run a DigiByte Mainnet node, a Testnet node, or both together

  • Set up a DigiByte mainnet Node, a testnet Node, or better yet, a Dual Node - run both together side-by-side at the same time.
  • By running a Dual Node (both Mainnet and Testnet together) you are contributing to the decentralization of the network, while also supporting developers building on DigiByte.
DigiNode Software Configuration

Automatic Software Configuration

  • Automatically configures your DigiByte and DigiAssets Nodes with optimal settings.
  • Creates digibyte.conf with optimal settings. Sets up system services to keep your DigiNode running 24/7, even after a reboot. Sets up RPC credentials for DigiAsset Node.
  • Optionally, use UPnP to automatically setup port forwarding.

Use DigiNode Dashboard to monitor your DigiNode

DigiNode Dashboard makes it easy to monitor the status of your DigiByte and DigiAsset Nodes


DigiNode Dashboard

  • Monitor your DigiNode via the command line, over SSH, to quickly check that your DigiByte and DigiAsset Nodes are running smoothly.
  • DigiNode Dashboard displays node status, system usage (temperature, disk space, RAM, swap and CPU), and automatically notifies you of available software updates.
DigiNode Port Tester 2

Port Tester

  • Use the integrated Port Tester to quickly check that your DigiByte and DigiAsset ports are being forwarded correctly
  • DigiByte Port Tester provided by https://digibyteseed.com

Easily manage, upgrade and backup your DigiNode

DigiNode Tools make it easy to manage every aspect of your DigiByte and DigiAsset Node.

DigiNode Setup Menu

Manage your DigiNode

  • Menu-driven management for your DigiByte & DigiAssets Node software.
  • Install updates, switch DigiByte chains, enable/disable UPnP for Port Forwarding, enable/disable DigiNode MOTD, install Extras (fan software), uninstall/reset and more. (See Additional Features.)
  • Once installed, enter diginode-setup to manage your DigiNode
DigiByte Update Available

Software Updates

  • Quickly and easily upgrade your DigiByte and DigiAssets Node software to the latest release.
  • Allows complete control - install updates all together or individually
  • Easily upgrade and downgrade the latest DigiByte release to/from a DigiByte pre-release (See Advanced Features)
DigiNode Backup

Backup & Restore

  • Save your DigiByte wallet and DigiAsset Node settings to a USB stick for safe keeping, and easily restore it later.
  • Backup feature can also be used to migrate your DigiNode to a new device.
DigiNode CLI

Command Line Interface

  • Lookup your DigiByte Node peers, view the log files, stop/restart the nodes using the DigiNode CLI.
  • Enter diginode —help to see a list of commands you can use to manage your DigiNode

DigiNode Tools has many more powerful features to make setting up and managing a DigiNode a breeze.

Start DigiNode Setup

Raspberry Pi users should follow the instructions here.

For Ubuntu / Debian, paste this command in to the terminal:

curl -sSL setup.diginode.tools | bash

  • Ubuntu Server 64-bit is recommended. For Debian, you will need to first install sudo. See System Requirements for more info.
  • It is recommended to create a new user account called 'digibyte' for your DigiNode. This will isolate your wallet in its own user acccount.
  • Run the setup command as user: 'digibyte' (Do not run as root).
  • Windows Terminal is recommended for Windows. iTerm2 is recommended for Mac.
  • To customize your DigiNode, see Advanced Features.
  • Disclaimer: These tools are provided as is. Use at your own risk. Olly Stedall cannot be held liable for any loss of DGB. Always keep a backup of your DigiByte wallet.